ABC/Image Group LA When Luke Bryan kicks off his Sunset Repeat Tour tonight with Cole Swindell and Jon Langston, you can bet there’ll be a moment when all three end up onstage together.  But Luke says it’s hard to predict exactly what it will be.

“We may visualize in our head a fun moment for us…” he explains, “but until we get live bodies reacting, [it’s hard to tell what will work].”

“Then we’ll start going, ‘Well, we did this and it really didn’t work with them. But when we did this, people loved it.’ So kinda learning that stuff will be fun.”

Luke, Cole, and Jon are all Georgia natives. Jon is on Luke’s new record label, while Cole started out selling merch for Luke.

“I’m truly just excited for the hang,” Luke admits. “The big thing with Cole and I is we certainly have a long, long history together from the early years of our careers and, you know, we’ve missed out [on] a lot of hang time.”

“We spent years on the bus,” Luke continues, “laughing, and the jokes and the memories. You know, that’s the fun part of touring for us. And the fact that we get another year where we’ll be seeing each other a lot is really exciting for me.”

Ultimately, Luke looks forward to turning those moments on the bus into hits.

“You’re hanging after a show, having some drinks, talking, cutting up, you get fun song ideas,” he says. “And you’re like, ‘Hey, we need to write this idea.’ I think as long as you’re out there living in the moment of the tour, you can let the vibe of the tour breed new music.”

Luke’s tour starts in Camden, New Jersey Friday night, before continuing on to Bristow, Virginia and Charlotte, North Carolina.

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