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“Love Someone”: Why Brett Eldredge wants to kiss a grizzly bear on the lips

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When Brett Eldredge scored his first number-one hit back in the summer of 2013, he started the tradition of doing various “death-defying stunts” to commemorate each one.

“I did skydiving — which is awesome — for ‘Don’t Ya.’ That was my first number one — a frightening experience,” he recalls. “I swam with sharks for the ‘Beat of the Music.’”

But then the Illinois native started to get “a little behind.”

“Dinner in the sky — I still haven’t done that,” Brett confesses, “which I’m totally wide open to still do that.”

“I probably won’t be able to eat because I’ll be nauseous,” he admits. “But, yeah, dinner in the sky is from ‘Mean to Me’ I think… You hang from a crane 300 feet in the air at a dinner table, and try not to pee your pants, I guess,” he jokes.

After “Love Someone” became his seventh chart topper earlier this summer, Brett’s been entertaining even more outrageous ideas.

“At one point I was trying to see if I could kiss a grizzly bear on the lips. Oh, that was frowned upon!” he says with a grin. “No one really wanted [me to do that].”

“I’m not even that crazy, but I do like things that make my heart race to push your comfort zones,” he explains. “I saw… somewhere where people were doing that. And they have like a honey stick or something and a… hopefully somewhat well-trained animal.”

At least for now, Brett seems content to table his make-out session with the bear.

“Maybe like on my twentieth number one or something if we ever get there. It’s like, let’s get a little older, let’s live a little more life first,” he says. “If we can get to twenty, then maybe we’ll do it there.”

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