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LOVE SMARTER NOT HARDER: 5 Lies Which Partners in Happiest Relationships Recommend We Tell Each Other

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If you really want your relationship to stand the test of time, you may have to stand firm in a few statements which may not feel factually true…  But they honor the truth between you:  that you really love each other, and you each want your partner to feel truly happy.

So, here are the top 5 lies, which relationship experts from Your Tango recommend, to keep your one true love strong:

1. “You look amazing!”  

When you two get ready to go out for a nice date night, let him know just how much you love him by reminding him how he “scrubs up” so well.  Tell her she is still the “apple of your eye,” by letting her know she dressed up beautifully.

2. “You are absolutely right.

When trouble starts, you can immediately calm the situation by saying you’re sorry – and/or that he or she is right.  This takes your partner out of their defensive position.  You may not feel like it is true; but it will make it easier for the two of you to take the tension down a few notches, and sort out whatever’s really going on.

3. “I think I understand where you’re coming from.” 

Sometimes when you’re having a difficult conversation with your partner, letting them know you get what they’re saying — even if you don’t, entirely — let’s them know they’re heard.  Feeling heard is a fundamental need, which all of us have.  Hearing that acknowledgment should actually cool things down, enough, that you’ll be able to start asking questions which truly do bring you to a place of understanding.

4. “No, I definitely do not think he (or she) is hot.”

When you start a relationship, you don’t suddenly lose the ability to appreciate the sight of an attractive person.  That said, if your boyfriend asks you if you think another guy is hot or your girlfriend asks if you think her best friend is better looking than she is, do not respond by admitting that yes, in fact, you do.  Your significant other isn’t really asking you about that other person.  It’s a push to see if you still find him or her attractive.  The answer to that is also that, yes, you do, so go ahead and say that!

5. “Thank you!  I love this strangely shaped sweater that’s two sizes too small for me.”

This is a case where it really does come down to it being the thought that counts.  And you know what?  The thought should count!  You’re with someone who loves you enough to see an object somewhere, and feel like they simply must give it to you, to make you happy.

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