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Love Dark Chocolate, Black Coffee? Here’s Why.

Study:  A Fan Of Black Coffee And Dark Chocolate?  It’s In Your Genes

If you prefer your coffee black then you probably also prefer dark, bitter chocolate.

Northwestern University researchers say coffee drinkers with the genetic variant that reflects a faster metabolism of caffeine prefer bitter, black coffee, and those same individuals prefer plain tea over sweetened tea, as well as dark chocolate over milk chocolate.

It’s believed these people also prefer plain coffee and tea because they associate the bitter flavor with the boost in mental alertness they crave from caffeine, and it has nothing to do with the taste.

Researcher Marilyn Cornelis explains, “It’s possible these people are just very sensitive to the effects of caffeine, and they also have that learned behavior with other bitter foods.”

Future studies will try to look into the genetic preference for other bitter foods, which “are generally linked to more health benefits.”

Got a taste for more?  Nibble here:  (CNN)


  • Researchers found people with a certain genetic variant prefer black coffee, dark chocolate, and plain tea, and it seems to be because they associate the bitter tastes with the alertness caffeine gives them, and they may also be more sensitive to caffeine in general

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