Look for the Lettuce Label:  ‘Not Farmed in Outer Space’…?
Study:  Space Salads Could Contain More Disease
Will we, one day, start looking for a food label, which reads, “This Produce Was Not Farmed in Outer Space“?

University of Delaware researchers have found that lettuce grown in space might be more susceptible to salmonella.

This could make farming in space more difficult.  I’m thinking that farming in outerspace is already a pretty difficult undertaking, aren’t you?

Here’s why.  On earth, pores close under stress to defend lettuce from disease.  But in microgravity experiments, these pores opened, rather than closed.

We need to be prepared for and reduce risks in space for those living now on the International Space Station and for those who might live there in the future,” Kali Kniel of the University of Delaware said.

Growing plants in space could help provide those aboard the International Space Station with fresh food.

(Bite into more, here:  Study Finds)

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