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Live Smarter Not Harder: The Top 10 Things That Make a House a Home

If you really want to make your home feel special for the ones you love, what are the features which seem to mean the most to us?

2,000 people were recently asked to name the top things that make your place really feel like a “home.”  The ten most common answers are:

1.  A good bed.

2.  Family photos.

3.  Having your own spot on the couch.

4.  The memories you’ve made there.

5.  A fridge, full of food.

6.  A bookshelf, filled with your favorite books.

7.  The smell of fresh cooking.

8.  Newly washed sheets.

9.  Location.  Obviously, it helps to live in an area you like.

10.  Have plenty of natural light.

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