LIVE SMARTER NOT HARDER:  If You Take Unnecessary Naps, You Are 19% More Likely to Die?

TRUE.  A new study reveals that, those of us who take a lot of NAPS (too many) might be more likely to DIE EARLY.

Researchers looked at over 20 studies on napping, and how it affected the health of about 300,000 people.  And they found a 19% higher risk of early death, for people who take a lot of naps.

And long naps might be even worse.  For people who sleep for 60 minutes or more, it jumps to 30% likelihood.

HOWEVER:  Napping after a bad night’s sleep might be okay though.  It might be NECESSARY.  Naps only lowered the life expectancy of people who got more than six hours of sleep a night.  So you might just want to avoid UNNECESSARY naps.

Excessive sleep can be a sign of depression, as well.  Depression can hurt your health.  But that topic isn’t specifically mentioned, for this study.  It’s a good idea to mention it to your doctor, if you think you might suffer some depression or anxiety.  There are lots of ways to get help and feel better.

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