Every Thursday, Lisa looks for reasons to be thankful and show gratitude for her blessings in life: “THANKFUL THURSDAYS” Today, she didn’t have to look far at all…

Today’s 75th Anniversary of D-Day gave pause to many of us as we tried to imagine both the human and mechanical forces and sheer will it took on that beach in Normandy to make it the first of the final days of World War II, or to imagine the magnitude of loss of life on this day in 1944.

Some don’t need imagination, though. CLICK HERE TO WATCH: Tom Rice was a part of the largest land and water invasion in history, and to commemorate the 75th anniversary, he’s adamant that “the best way to pay tribute to the fellow soldiers who laid down their lives that day is to step back into the shoes of his younger self and take to the skies,” he claimed.

According to CNN, “Those on the ground watched the anxiety-inducing descent as, strapped to another parachutist dangling beneath a red, white and blue canopy, the old man coasted through the sky, another gigantic American flag billowing out behind him.

Reaching the ground with only a slight stumble on impact, Rice proudly gave V for victory signs with his hands and, wearing a 101st Airborne baseball cap, said he felt “great” and was ready to “go back up and do it again.”