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In the continuing effort to see which channel can Christmas harder, the Lifetime channel has announced its lineup of 35 Christmas movies to counter Hallmark Channel’s 41 Christmas movies. Take your insulin shot, and here’s the Lifetime lineup:
– An Ice Wine Christmas
– A Picture Perfect Holiday
– Dancing Through the Snow
– You Make It Feel Like Christmas
– Baking Spirits Bright
– Reba McEntire’s Christmas in Tune
– Merry Liddle Christmas Baby
– Miracle in Motor City (With Smokey Robinson!)
– Welcome to the Christmas Family Reunion
– Saying Yes To Christmas
– Match Made in Mistletoe
– A Christmas Village Romance
– A Christmas Dance Reunion
– A Gospel Christmas
– My Favorite Christmas Melody
– Secretly Santa
– Christmas Movie Magic
– Christmas With a Crown
– A Fiancee’ For Christmas
– Holiday in Santa Fe
– The Holiday Fix-Up
– Blending Christmas
– Maps and Mistletoe
– Ghosts of Christmas Past
– The Enchanted Christmas Cake
– Christmas by Chance
– Mistletoe in Montana
– Toying With the Holidays
– Under the Christmas Tree
– Candy Cane Candidates
– The Christmas Ball
– It Takes a Christmas Village
– Rebuilding a Dream Christmas
– Hot Chocolate Holiday
– Writing Around the Christmas Tree

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