LeAnn Rimes is fighting a proposed dental law, which she sees as unfair for low-income families.

The Dental Practice Act is a bill which requires anyone who tries to get direct-to-customer services – like teeth whitening or aligners – would have to go in for an x-ray, before reaching out to a tele-health service.

Rimes argues that families would risk getting COVID-19 if they had to go into the dentist, before receiving assistance through a tele-service.

Kerry Washington sent a letter to California State senator Steve Glazer, which successfully removed the in-person visit..  But Rimes says the x-ray requirement still forces it.

Rimes urges Glazer to vote “no” when the bill comes up (for approval into law), so that people wouldn’t forego dental procedures, altogether.

Do you think people should have to go see a dentist before getting simple teeth whitening or aligners?

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