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Last Blockbuster in the World Will Remain Open, Visitors are Treating It Like a Museum

The last remaining Blockbuster in the world will remain open after seeing a surge of sales from visitors treating it like a museum. The video rental store in Bent Oregon was due to close its doors this year following the announcement that the penultimate store in Perth, Australia, had shut. But hundreds of people have since flocked from all over the world to visit the final branch before it is gone – which is still renting and selling DVDs to avid fans every day.
What was once a household name has now reached tourist attraction status – with owners even selling T-shirts and hats emblazoned with the iconic blue and gold logo to let customers take one last trip down memory lane. The last remaining branch’s owner, Ken Tisher, described the last remaining Blockbuster like a rare animal in a zoo that visitors are desperate to catch a glimpse of. ‘And who knows how long people will be interested in coming to look at that animal,’ he told Retail Dive. ‘I’m just enjoying the run.’ Check out pictures and the complete story from Daily Mail here.

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