Good gourd.  Well, maybe the bright side is, it can still make a lot of delicious pies?

A Wisconsin man grew the biggest pumpkin in the U.S. this year – It comes in at 2,520 pounds.

However, his hopes are, well, squashed.  It’s not going into any official record books, because it was disqualified.  It’s got a tiny crack, about the size of a fingernail.

Mike Schmit grew the gargantuan gourd about 30 miles west of Fond du Lac.  To see a picture of the pumpkin, click here:  UPI.

Unfortunately, from the awkward way it was growing, it cracked.  It would have been worth $20,000; but Schmit said he’s not going to lose sleep over it. “It happens.  There’s no crying in pumpkin growing.”

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