Lainey Wilson Sang Through A Megaphone

Lainey Wilson’s sold-out show at the legendary venue Billy Bob’s Texas hit a snag on Friday night (Sept. 8), when lightning struck some of the venue’s sound equipment and caused an outage.

The singer certainly wasn’t about to let her fans down. She’d already signed the wall at Billy Bob’s, and even left her handprints on a slab of concrete along with the show date to commemorate the very special performance.

So, during the brief sound outage, she rolled with it, a crew member came out and brought a megaphone for Wilson to use so that the crowd could hear her.

Wilson initially tried to hold the megaphone herself, but that left her with no hands to play her guitar, so she asked the crew member to hold the megaphone up in front of her face so she could speak and sing to the audience.

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