Lainey Wilson Brings Joy To The Kids At Children’s Hospital

Lainey Wilson has won over the hearts of country fans over the past couple of years, during her ascent to the top of the country music business.

Wilson recently brought hope and joy to children that reside at the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, when she visited, spoke with and even played some of her songs for the kids.

Wilson turned to her Instagram to express her gratitude for getting the privilege to meet with the children. In an Instagram post from Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, there is a video of her performing and speaking to the kids.

In it, Wilson says, “Moments like today make me remember why I’ve wanted to do this, why I started doing this. It’s about using your gift for good. It makes me remember what life is truly all about.”

Does an artist’s charity work make an impact on your impression of them? Why, or why not?