Labor Day Plans:  Be a Good Tipper or You May Not Get in to Your Favorite Spot
Tourist Hotspot Keeps List of Poor Tippers
Some restaurants in tourist hotspot St. Tropez keep a blacklist of bad tippers.  And customers who don’t tip well are sometimes banned from booking reservations, completely.

Mayor Sylvie Sire is looking to end the practice. “These illegal practices must cease immediately,” she said.  “These forced tips are akin to organized racketeering.”

She adds that the poor tipper database is bad for tourists and locals alike.  It’s not clear if it was made public, or kept private.  That would make a big difference.  And private businesses are just that:  private.

The French island has been known to attract the rich and famous.  It started to become popular in the 1950s.

But this happens with service workers of all kinds, everywhere.  If you ever treated someone badly or paid late or didn’t pay, that person will not only remember, but likely not come back.  And they’ll tell their peers to watch out for you.  It’s human nature.

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