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Killer whales attack fishing boat near Spain

A video taken by fishermen in the Straights of Gibralter on April 3 shows the men valiantly fighting off a pod of the angry sea mammals as they attack the boat and break its rudder. In a video published by The Daily Mail, the captain, Antonio Busse, 40, is seen fighting off the orcas with a pole while screaming at them to “piss off!” “Mamma Mia!” and “get off the (bleeping) boat!” Other crew members are seen throwing items into the water to try and frighten away the angry pod of four, to no avail, and one large killer whale can be seen swimming underneath the boat, causing the crew to scream in fear. Another video shows the orcas threateningly circling the boat and breaching the surface nearby. At first, the crew “heard a strange noise and rushed to the top of the ship” thinking they may have hit a container,  but “quickly realized that killer whales were playing around the ship instead, trying to hit it,” Captain Busse told The Real Press. The killer whales finally managed to break the rudder after they hit it repeatedly.

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