KID NEWS:  Who’s a Better Driver – Mom or Dad?  Kids Reveal the Winners

A new survey asked kids between six and 16 years old whose parents both drive:  Who’s a better driver, your mom or your dad?

And the winner is:  DAD.  Almost half (43%) of kids said he’s better.  Almost one out of three (29%) said their mom is better.  And the rest say their parents are equally good at driving them around.

Kids were also more likely to say their dad drives faster, and is less likely to get lost.  That may also be what they’re told…  LOL  😉

But it’s not all good news for dads.  The kids said their dads were more likely to have ROAD RAGE.

And more kids say they ENJOY driving with their MOM, more than with their dad.  The top reasons they like driving with their moms are:

  • Better music.
  • more car games.
  • Fewer rules like “no yelling” or “no food.”

See the full story, here:  SWNS Digital / MG


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