KID NEWS:  Want to Live a Long Happy Life?  Quit Eating Chips!

Did you know that starchy foods – like potato chips – can shorten your life?  They can.

Researchers have found that participants in a group, who had been snacking on starchy foods, like potato chips, were more likely to risk living a shorter life.  In fact, they had a 50-52% increase of living a much shorter life.  That means that half of chip-eaters could live much longer, if they just switch to something healthier.

The study also reveals a 44-57% risk of dying earlier, which is related to cardiovascular disease.  That means the chips and starchy foods are really bad for your heart.

And it’s kind of like looking at two friends, who are munching on chips, and knowing that one of them is not going to live nearly as long as the other, because of heart damage.  Let’s pack a lunch without chips, ok?  Maybe dried fruit will be a lot better, and just as yummy.

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