Kenny Chesney To Take Fans Down A Nostalgic Road With His ‘I Go Back’ Tour

Kenny Chesney is taking fans back in time.

The country star is ready to roll out the nostalgia on his upcoming ‘I Go Back 2023 Tour’.

With nearly 30 songs on the set list, Kenny is making sure longtime fans get to hear the nostalgic songs and massive hits that they grew up with. “All those songs that time-stamped people’s lives, I want to make sure those people and those songs don’t get lost,” Kenny shares with the press.

“It’s why we named this the I Go Back 2023 Tour. To me, to be able to share this band that’s so white hot – even our rehearsals have inspired all of us almost like the shows – with the fans who were there when this was turning into something great, that makes me, even more, fired up to get out there.”

I love it when artists play more songs from the older part of their catalogue live, don’t you?