Kenny Chesney has partnered with global sandal leader REEF to create a special edition No Shoes Reefs sandal to help support Pigeon Key Marine Science Camps. Based in the Florida Keys, it provides young people with knowledge about the ocean, coral reefs and marine life. Thirty percent of the proceeds are earmarked for the Camps.

The men’s sandal strap is embossed with a skull and crossbones, plus No Shoes on one and Reefs on the other, and the women’s thongs featured a rose gold-colored Jolly Roger stud with the No Shoes Reefs logo embossed on the sole. Both are available in palomino or saddle-colored leather

Kenny said, “I’ve worn their sandals for years, as have a lot of my friends down in the islands. When they wanted to work with us through No Shoes Reefs, I was delighted to have them become part of this work that’s been so focused on local projects.”

The first batch of limited-edition No Shoes REEF sandals sold out before last weekend’s Los Angeles SoFi Stadium show due to demand.