Kelsea Ballerini Stops Mid-Concert to Ask About Taylor Swift’s Simultaneous Concert

Swifties” are a massive fan-base, even a “demographic,” now…  And some members of that group are music stars, too:  Kelsea Ballerini is a big fan of Taylor Swift.

In the middle of her own sold-out concert in Detroit, Michigan, Kelsea asked her fans about another concert – going on nearly 2,000 miles away – she just had to know about Swift’s setlist for her “Eras Tour.”

In video, uploaded Friday, Ballerini can be seen, onstage, wearing a gold shimmery dress, while holding on to her guitar.  She’s strumming it at first, before stopping, and asking:  “I just have one question.  I’m gonna stop after this but I just have one question,” she said.  “Has she…  is “Cruel Summer” on the setlist?

The crowd roared to confirm the 2019 track from Swift’s seventh studio album, Lover was, in fact, on the setlist, and Ballerini was pleasantly surprised.  “It was?!  Wow, that’s my Super Bowl, I gotta be honest,” said Ballerini.

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