Every parent has a way of doing things to keep the peace – and stay sane.

Kelly Clarkson has her way; and she knows that many parents will not agree with it.

She uses “screen time.”  Clarkson travels a lot for work, and takes her kids with her.  She says that iPads/screen time help.  Doctors generally agree that limiting “screen time” is an ideal way to maintain healthy eyesight, intellect and socialization, especially for children.  Parenting experts mostly endorse a limited exposure to computers and television, for developing minds.

But most may agree:  At some point, travel can be total hell.  Not just with kids, but in general.  A flight gets delayed… weather.  Just having something they can escape with… play games, watch movies…

She refers to screen time as her life saver.  Clarkson adds, she even got to write a song, on one flight, because her kids were watching a movie on the iPad.

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