Kelly Clarkson and Pink Team Up for Emotional ‘What About Us’ Duet

Kelly Clarkson and Pink will sing together on The Kelly Clarkson Show, on Monday, February 17, before Pink’s new album “Trustfall” comes out, same day.

The singers will perform “What About Us,” from Pink’s Beautiful Trauma album.

Their vocals are among the best in the business.  The message of the lyrics, however, points to the worst:  “We’re not listening to each other right now, and it’s so loud and so gross and angry,” said the 43-year-old “Who Knew” performer.  “And people are being forgotten, people are being counted out, and their rights are being trampled on just because a group of people doesn’t believe in them.”

Pink also shared her album with Clarkson, and described the overall theme:  ​​”like the world is ending.”

Chris Stapleton and other major stars are on the album, as well.

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