Kellie Pickler Breaks Silence After Husband Kyle Jacobs’ Death

Kellie Pickler is speaking out for the first time since her husband, Kyle Jacobs, died at age 49 in February.

“One of the most beautiful lessons my husband taught me was in a moment of a crisis if you don’t know what to do, ‘do nothing, just be still.’ I have chosen to heed his advice,” Pickler said in a statement to People on Thursday, August 17.

“Thank you to my family, friends, and supporters, for the countless letters, calls, and messages that you have sent my way. It has truly touched my soul and it’s helping me get through the darkest time in my life. As many of you have told me, you are all in my prayers.”

Pickler also shared her plans for Jacobs’ memorial service. “I am planning an intimate memorial for my husband, which will happen later this fall, that is what Kyle would have wanted,” she said.

What has helped you to get through deep grief?