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Keith Urban Premieres His New Video, ‘Superman,’

Keith Urban spoke to Variety about his upcoming album, “The Speed of Now” and his latest song “Superman.” Urban’s new “Superman” video is being compared to A-Ha’s “Take On Me,” which is one of Keith’s favorite videos, the song has a summer feel which is consistent on Urban’s previous albums.

Urban has tried to remain creative but refers to feeling “lockdown paralysis” saying he “felt stuck,” and it was a friend’s phone call who helped him out of the funk.  “He said, “Well, that’s because you’re only focused on everything you can’t do. You literally have listed everything on this call that you can’t do that. I haven’t heard one thing you can do.” And I said, “Well, I can go down to my studio and do some vocals.” He goes, “When are you going to do that?” “Well, I can do that tomorrow.” And he goes, “Great. What else can you do?” “Well, I could write with some people over Zoom.” “Okay. When are you going to do that?” And all of a sudden, my whole focus went towards only: What can I do? And I stopped talking about the things I can’t do.”


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