Kane Brown is working on a new album, and while he’s been teasing lots of music on his social media accounts, hardly any of those will make it onto the new project. He told Radio.com that the new album will include about a dozen new tunes, with only one carried over from his latest EP.
Kane said, “(I’ve) got a good group of songs together. I know a lot of people are wondering if there’s just going to be songs added to the first EP or if we’re going to have a second EP. I will tell you that … ‘Worship You’ will probably be the only song that comes over for the rest of the album. You’ll have 14 to 11 new songs to come out. … But I’ve put songs up on the Instagram that are not gonna make the album. I was just excited for them at the time. It’s cool letting my fans kind of guess which ones are gonna be on there and which ones aren’t.”
He did not mention a release date for the project.

Kane shared a new family photo on Instagram:

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