Is there such a thing as too much acreage?  Kane Brown was exploring his new 30-acre property in Nashville, on 4-wheelers, when he got lost.
In a since-deleted Facebook post, Brown said, “ALL JOKES ASIDE.  The real story is I moved into a new house.  I own 30 acres of 3000 around me.  I told my wife I wanted to go check out the property I’ll be 30 minutes.  I went with my friend and his girl.  I was in shorts and a t-shirt.”
Brown said GPS was unreliable and it started to get dark and cold.  He called songwriter Ryan Upchurch and another friend for help.
The post continued, “[Upchurch] has four other friends riding around in a canam and they start getting shot at.  My buddy’s girl who has asthma started then freaking out.  We HAD to get her out.  So we call the cops.”
When the police arrived, they thought Brown and crew were firing the guns.  Brown said, “We yell at them and tell them we are not armed and made it out.” Here’s the complete story from CMT.

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