Kane Brown:  Baby Names + ‘Therapy’ with John Cena

Kane Brown On Therapy With John Cena, And His Baby Name That Didn’t Make The Cut

It’s good to have sensible friends, even if you’re both superstars.

Kane Brown and his wife, Katelyn, are expecting their first son; so they are in the process of choosing a name for him. While their original favorite name, Knight, didn’t make the final list Kane says: “We have like four that we’re choosing from. There’s one that I would say is our number one name, but Kate’s [Katelyn’s] brother is not in love with it, so it’s really really [bothering] her…. I don’t know, maybe we will, maybe we won’t go with it.

On a separate note, Brown said he struggles with “never enough” in his business life.  But he recently got some insight from John Cena, during a therapy-like conversation.

I had a therapy session with John Cena the other day,” Brown said, then laughed.  “Not really, but I was in the car with him and he was asking me questions — he’s actually a great interviewer — he asked me a lot of questions that I’ve never answered [before].  When I would give the answer, he would kinda tell me how he saw it,” Kane said.

Which person in your life is more like a therapist for you?

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