Kacey Musgraves Pulling “No Punches” as She Talks Inspiration Behind Her Upcoming Album ‘Deeper Well’

Kacey Musgraves spoke to Apple Music 1 about her new album, “Deeper Well,” and how her divorce from Ruston Kelly inspired it.

“It was post-divorce; it was really specific to that relationship,” said Kacey. “It was something, creatively, that I felt like I really needed to do.”

On the album, Kacey says she was able to play with harsher sounds and “just have fun.” Kacy says she tapped into her softer side and went back to her Americana and folk roots.

After divorce and going through therapy, Kacey says she began “falling in love again and opening myself back up to the human experience.” That’s when the music started spilling out. “Deeper Well” will be released on March 15th.

What do you wish someone had told you about divorce?