ABC/Image Group LAJustin Moore delivered on his promise to reward his daughter for her hard work in school and extracurricular activities. 

The “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away” singer posted a video on Instagram sharing that his seven-year-old daughter Kennedy was having difficulty in school and had also expressed interest in playing softball. Moore says that he and wife Kate told her they’d give her a pet cat if she put in the effort to both thrive in school and excel at softball. 

Kennedy fulfilled her end of the bargain, and so did Moore, who shared a video of himself and Kate surprising Kennedy and their youngest daughter Rebecca with a pair of black-and-white kittens. The two girls squeal with excitement as they walk around the family’s outdoor patio area holding the kittens, with Moore capturing the moment.

“If you put in work, you get results.. Or a cat,’” he writes in the caption.

On the music front, Moore is set to release his new album Late Nights And Longnecks on July 26. 

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