Justin Moore charts his career 11th Number One hit this week with “With A Woman You Love.” He shared the big news on social media yesterday (Tuesday, September 6th) writing, “Thank you country radio, the fans, along with my team for our 11th #1 song! I’m damn proud to work alongside all of you. It’s something I don’t take for granted. Cheers!”

Justin co-wrote “With A Woman You Love” based on his own experience of getting married at a young age and the relationship he has with his wife, Kate. He tells us: “I had the title idea for a while, but it kinda got me thinking about all the conversations that you have, whether you be in high school or whether you’re the first one to get married, as I was in my group of friends. We all give each other crap, and at the time I was gettin’ most of the crap. ‘Why are you gettin’ married,’ and doing all this and that?  ‘Man, before you know it, you’re gonna be missing football games to go to the mall and you’re gonna have a dog sleeping in your bed’ and all this kind of stuff. And they were right. I do those things now, but it certainly is worthwhile when you have a partner like I do in my wife Kate.”

“With A Woman You Love” is the first taste of new music from Justin’s upcoming studio album.



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