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Just How Many “Small Wins” Can You Pull Off in One Day, Like Today?

The Average Person Enjoys Four “Small Wins” Each Day


A new poll reveals that the average American experiences 1,460 “small wins” each year – or about four a day.  So what qualifies as a “small win“?

For the purposes of the survey, it’s pretty much any little thing which goes right in your life; like rushing to work and making it on time, completing a chore, or hearing a new song you like, here on WCCQ.

Slightly bigger things count too, like:  finding cash in your pocket – finally paying off a bill – achieving a fitness goal – or finishing a book.  Nice to know you have these little victories to look forward to, right?  

83% of people said even just ONE small win can sometimes turn their whole day around.  And four-in-five say they’ve tried to appreciate their small wins even more, since the pandemic hit.

The most satisfying types of small wins are the ones which help us relax, or have to do with improving our finances.

Little surprises, like free coffee or a great parking spot, also rank high.

Smell more victory, here:  (SWNS)

A poll shows that the average person experiences 1,460 “small wins” a year, or about four per day.  That includes everything from finding money in your pocket, to hearing a new song you like on the radio.


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