Ruff:  What Jon Pardi Will Do – and Will Not Do – for his Stinky Dogs

Jon Pardi doesn’t want his four dogs sleeping on the bed because of their smelly “anal glands.”  (???)  But he does try to help.  He “manually empties” their glands, when necessary.


Jon Pardi was recently asked if he and his wife, Summer, let their four dogs sleep on the bed.  He could’ve given just a “yes or no” answer; but he treated us to much more…  and maybe too much.

Here’s what he said, quote, “I don’t let my dogs sleep with us [because] them damn anal glands they got are so bad.  They sleep on the floor.  Charlie’s a little French Bulldog, and I have to put gloves on and leak them.  They don’t smell good.  It’s nasty.”

Lauren Alaina was also part of the interview.  She said she started sleeping with her dog when it was sick . . . and now it’s their regular thing.  Lauren, incidentally, is recovered from COVID-19.  She tested positive on March 19th; and now she’s out of quarantine.

(I had to look it up.  A dog’s anal glands produce a secretion that people find offensive, but it’s an important part of how they communicate with other dogs.  And . . . sometimes those glands need to be “manually emptied.”)


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