John Travolta has one of the most memorable moments of the evening at the VMAs, the Pulp Fiction star made a mistake when presenting the Moonman for Video of the Year.
Taylor Swift who won for “You Need To Calm Down” was joined on stage by Drag Race album Jade Jolie, who bears a striking resemblance to Taylor so it’s no wonder why Travolta got confused.
As he presented Jolie with the award, she graciously “shook it off” and gave the actor a kind side hug, Travolta realizing his mistake gave the award to Taylor.

This wasn’t the first time Travolta has flubbed on stage, in 2014 he called Idina Menzel “Adele Dazeem” despite a production assistant explaining her name was spelled phonetically on the teleprompter. He later sent her a huge bouquet of flowers as an apology. Here’s the complete story from Cosmopolitan. 

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