Jimmie Allen Publicly Apologizes to Estranged Wife and Co-Parent for ‘Humiliating Her’

Jimmie Allen Publicly Apologizes to Estranged Wife for ‘Humiliating Her’ with ‘Affair’ After Sex Abuse Lawsuit

Jimmie Allen took to Instagram to apologize to his estranged, pregnant, wife for his “affair” with a former manager.

The apology comes after the country singer was slapped with a sexual abuse lawsuit.  He’s been suspended or dropped by his label, his agency and venues who had scheduled him to perform.

Allen apologized to Alexis Gale, and their two children, on Instagram, on Thursday.  He also apologized to his son Aadyn, who is 8, and who’s from a previous relationship.

I want to publicly apologize to my wife Alexis for humiliating her with my affair.  I’m embarrassed that my choices have brought shame on her.  That’s something that she did not deserve at all,” Allen posted as his social media statement.

He referred to “temptations within the business,” and urged followers with weaknesses to “get help when they need it.

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