Jeremy Allen White On The Bear Success & Possible Season 3

Jeremy Allen White recently opened up about the success of The Bear and possible season 3.

White said, “I think it was nice that the second season came out during this time so we weren’t forgotten, you know? It was kind of on people’s minds. We made Season 1 with such little expectation, and we were all feeling very nervous about Season 2 coming out and how it was going to be received. It’s been pretty amazing that people have enjoyed the second season even more than the first.”

He continued, “I’m very hopeful that we get a third season so I can go back into the restaurants and work a little more. I was told for Season 2 that none of us would be in the kitchen much, so I kind of relaxed the training. I’ve gotten a little rusty, but Ayo has kept things pretty sharp.”

Why do you think Jeremy Allen White is performing better in this series than Shameless?