Jelly Roll Gets a Little Naughty after More Dental Work, Anesthesia

Jelly Roll‘s recent dental visit provided some hilarious content captured by his wife, Bunnie XO, as he was still under the effects of anesthesia.

The video shows Jelly expressing his love for Bunnie in a sweet, yet slightly naughty, manner.

I don’t want another woman on earth but you,” he vows, barely intelligible over his numb lips and perhaps the cotton, packed into his incisions.  “You sure about that?”  Bunnie replies from behind the camera.  “I know,” Jelly replies, pointing emphatically at her to drive home his point.  “There are a lot of hotties in this world,” Bunnie counters.  “I like them hotties,” he agrees, thoughtfully.

Jelly’s dental work was scheduled to heal by the time he will embark on his “Beautifully Broken Tour,” in April.

What have you done or said under anesthesia?


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