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Jason Aldean’s Wife Is the Reason We Get to See Clips of “No Pants Bowling” Parties at Their House

Jason Aldean’s wife, Brittany, encourages him to be active on social media because his fans are curious about what he’s doing.  And that’s why we get to see videos of “no pants bowling parties” at their house.


Jason Aldean is really good on social media, but it doesn’t come naturally to him.  He does it because that’s what artists have to do these days.  Fortunately, his wife, Brittany, is a pretty good coach.

I try to encourage him to not be so interview-y and more real with everybody and just let them see you, because it’s really hard to not fall in love with him,” Brittany told Taste of Country.  “Social media for him is work.  Touring and music is not.  He definitely sees it as more of an invasion sometimes.  I have to tell him, you have so many fans out there and people that are really curious about what you’re doing … They don’t just want to see you in the studio, doing all the work things,” she added.

Mrs. Aldean is the opposite of her famous husband, she has a strong social media following and carefully curates her social media pages.

She’s right, too.  I like checking out Jason’s Instagram, which is loaded with cool photos and videos . . . including a clip from last summer of his buddy TYLER FARR enjoying a game of “no pants bowling” at their house.  (???)



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