Jason Aldean Admits He Had to Cover a ‘Really Stupid’ Tattoo

Jason Aldean recently shared that he regrets one tattoo – and describes the tattoo as “really stupid.”

Aldean said about the one tattoo that he regrets, “My very first one, I do.  I have it now, it’s covered up.”  He continued, “I think when I was 18, and I walked into a tattoo shop in my hometown in Georgia and, you know, I just, they have stuff up on the wall, and I just picked out something on the wall and went, ‘Yeah I want that.’

He added, “And then as I got older, I’m like, ‘That’s really, that’s really stupid.’”  Aldean continued, “Not only that, but it was just a really bad tattoo.  Like, the guy that did it, he must have just started that week or something.  So I ended up having to get a guy to cover it up.”

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