Jana Kramer & Jay Cutler Pose for First Photo Together During a Night Out

Things seem to be going well for Jana Kramer and former NFL Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler as they posed for their first photo, together, during a date night in Nashville.

They were attending a bar opening in Nashville; then they went to a comedy show in South Carolina, the day after.

A source stated that “Jay and Jana had a lot they bonded over, with how their divorces played out.

Jay was married to Kristin Cavallari (who is now seeing Chase Rice), and Jana was married to Mike Caussin (a former pro-athlete).  While they were still married, and reconciled, Kramer and Caussin wrote a book together, about keeping a marriage together (they had a podcast, too).  It’s called The Good Fight.  When they split, recently (and finally), Jana said, “[I]t’s only a ‘good fight’ if both of you are fighting for it (the marriage).”

Cutler is good friends with Carrie Underwood and her husband, NHL star, Mike Fisher.

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