Jana Kramer:  Boyfriend Lives ‘Two Very Different Lifestyles’ by Dating Her

Jana Kramer’s Boyfriend Ian Schinelli Says He’s Living ‘Two Very Different Lifestyles’ While Dating Her

Jana Kramer and her new boyfriend, Ian Schinelli, are taking things to the next level.  Ian appeared on Kramer’s “Whine Down” podcast (which she used to host with her ex-husband – pictured with her, here, on the cover of their book).

Kramer and Schinelli were joined by Shawn Johnson East, and her boyfriend, Andrew, who discussed the differences between Kramer and Schinelli:  “It’s two very different personalities and two very different lifestyles,” Schinelli answered about the hardest part of dating Kramer.  Schinelli explained it took some getting used to Kramer’s schedule since he’s an early riser, “It’s not a boundary, it’s just more understanding her needs, my needs,” said Schinelli.  “…Once we finally got to it, it was like, I need this in my day and my week; and she needs this in her day and her week.”

Jana had previously dated former Chicago Bears NFL QB Jay Cutler, who is recently divorced.

She is divorced from former pro-athlete Mike Caussin.  They had written a book about trying to keep a challenged marriage together.  They have two children.

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