I’ve Got Coulrophobia.  I’ll Say It.  How About You?  We Women Are More Likely to…
Study:  Here’s Why 53% of People Are Scared of Clowns

If you prefer to avoid clowns, you’re not alone.  A new survey indicates that 53.5% of us – more than half – are scared of clowns to some degree.  And women are more at risk of experiencing coulrophobia.  Mind you, there’s a difference between a fear and a phobia.  Phobia is the real deal.

I’ve got it, for sure.  I’ve always had it.  I wouldn’t even sit on Santa’s lap…  too fake for me, just like clowns.  It’s like:  “Why are you hiding behind all this makeup and these weird clothes?”  Or:  What are you afraid we’ll see?  Why won’t you be real?  Why can’t we know you?  [Plus, wigs and makeup are stinky and messy.]

Of 987 adults surveyed, 5% said they were extremely afraid of clowns…  But the fear generally decreased with age.

Of the 53.5% who reported some degree of fear, reasons included an “eerie,” uncanny feeling, exaggerated facial features, clowns’ unpredictable behavior, and negative portrayals of clowns in popular culture.

I think clown artwork is creepy, too.  So, if you do, you are not alone.

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