It’s too much too soon!!

These are festive pants, for sure.  However….where are the turkey pants?  There is another holiday before the shopping season.  It’s called Thanksgiving.  The sprout, my teenage daughter, seems to forget this and jumps right into Christmas the day after Halloween.  Actually, she tries to get me singing Christmas carols all year long.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love Christmas.  I fully embrace the magic of the season.  But, to me, it’s not the season just yet.  Or are you like my sprout?  Christmas in July, singing festive tunes throughout the fall and done shopping for all the recipients before Veteran’s Day?

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Early pic…same great folks Oooohhhh…So good! Don’t need ’em. Why keep ’em? An “unwelcome” visitor?? Str-izza??? You shouldn’t wait for a resolution.