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WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER: It’s Time to Delete Most of Your Apps

The Apple App Store has over two million apps—but that doesn’t mean you need them all on your phone.
A 2018 report reveals that the average person launches roughly nine apps per day – and interacts with roughly 30 apps over the course of a month.
That means the average person needs little more than a single page of apps for normal usage.
It can be hard to delete apps, because our brains tend to create illogical, emotional attachments to things we think we might need later.  But, deleting apps will not only make your phone more appealing to use and look at.  More important:  It can make it more secure.
Old apps, which no longer get updates, or those which you haven’t updated in some time (because you don’t use them, perhaps), can have serious security flaws.
If you still can’t bring yourself to delete stuff, you can get your iPhone to help you out.  Got to Settings > General> iPhone Storage, and it will give you an option called “Offload Unused Apps,” which automatically deletes apps you don’t use regularly.  But it saves the documents and data which go with them.
For Android users, the process is a little bit different:  Go to Settings, Apps & Notifications, and then App info to see a list of your apps and their sizes.
Go here, for more information:  (PopSci)

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