You’ll see plenty of fall-down-drunk idiots at the bars for St. Patrick’s Day this weekend. Don’t be one of them . . .
A recent study looked at the most common ways we HURT ourselves while we’re drinking. And it found the average alcohol-related injury happens after about 8 drinks for guys, and 6 drinks for women. Here are some more stats from the survey . . .
1. The type of alcohol linked to the most injuries for MEN is beer. And for WOMEN, it’s vodka. The top five overall are beer, vodka, whiskey, tequila, and rum.
2. The ten most common drinking injuries are bruises, cuts, scratches, broken bones, and sprains. And 88% of people who’ve broken a bone while under the influence said it wouldn’t have happened if they were sober.
3. The body parts you’re most likely to injure are your leg, arm, face, hand, and head.
4. The most common PLACES for a drunk injury to happen are at a house party . . . at home . . . on the road . . . at a bar or restaurant . . . and on the sidewalk.
5. The most common occasions for drunk injuries are birthdays, New Year’s Eve, a college party, and a work celebration.
6. The average drinker has had two drinking-related injuries. The most common age it happens is 22. Then it spikes again at 25 and 35.
7. 23% of us have started a drunken fight before. And when people were asked why they started a fight, the #1 answer was . . . “I don’t remember.” Here’s the complete story from Injury Claim Coach. 

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