It’s Not Just Summer Heat That’s ‘Ruff’ on Dogs – It’s Also THIS

Do you pay enough attention to your kids and your pets?  …Especially when the “Dog Daze” of Summer make them overheat?

Arizona State University surveyed 21,000 dog owners as part of The Dog Aging Project.  And the researchers found that the presence of kids in a household was negatively connected to dog health.

The more children or time that owners dedicate to their children likely leads to less time with their furry children,” researcher Layla Brassington said.  You can just see some of the reasons…  little kids pulling their tails or ears…  older kids issuing conflicting commands or lashing out…  food spills…  competition for your attention.

The study also reveals that more dog companions positively impact their health.  It also finds that social factors have the strongest influence, even more than financial factors, and the owner’s age.

Sniff out a little more, here:  (Study Finds)

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