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It’s National Sandwich Day! See the Favorite Sandwich in Each State – Ours Is Hilarious…

…and PERFECT.  It’s National Sandwich Day, and a new study looked at the most popular sandwich in all 50 states.  “Chicken sandwich” and “tuna sandwich” tied for first with six states each.  “Barbecue sandwich” was next with five states.  Of course, here in Illinois, Chicago helps make it “daaaah beef.”  It’s Italian beef, of course.  


Here’s the big topic on everyone’s mind today:  That’s right, it’s NATIONAL SANDWICH DAY!  A new study looked at Google Trends to find the most popular sandwich in all 50 states.  And two sandwiches tied for first with six states each.  But a technicality might push one over the top.  The NO SHOW:  PBJ.

Chicken sandwich” is #1 in Arkansas . . . Georgia . . . Indiana . . . Mississippi . . . Missouri . . . and Nevada.

And “tuna sandwich” devours six states:  Idaho . . . Maryland . . . Montana . . . New Mexico . . . Rhode Island . . . and Wisconsin.

But “chicken salad sandwich” is #1 in Utah.  So does chicken win?  Or is “chicken salad” closer to “tuna salad”?

Anyway, here are a few more highlights . . .

1.  “Barbecue sandwich” is the #1 taste in five states:  Alabama . . . Kansas . . . North Carolina, Tennessee . . . and West Virginia.

2.  Breakfast sandwiches did fairly well with three states:  “Bacon, egg, and cheese” in New York and Connecticut.  And “fried egg sandwich” in Minnesota.

3.  Four sandwiches got two states, each:  “Bologna sandwich” in Kentucky and Ohio.  “Fluffernutter” in Massachusetts and South Dakota.  “Patty melt” in Oklahoma and Texas.  And “banh mi” in Oregon and Washington.  (It’s like a sub in Vietnam.)

4.  Here are four more you might actually be able to guess:  In Pennsylvania, “cheesesteak” . . . Florida, “Cuban” . . . Louisiana, “po boy” . . . and in Maine, “lobster roll.”


(Here’s a map of all 50 states.)

Sorry, PBJ.


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