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It’s National Drink Wine Day!

Photo Taken In Forli, Italy

Here are the top ways people reject wine etiquette according to a new survey by Woodbridge Wines.



Drinking white wine at room temperature instead of chilled – 46%

Holding a glass by the bowl rather than the stem- 44%

Adding ice to wine – 43%

Filling their glass to the top – 42%

Sniffing the cork – 36%

Tasting wine while wearing strongly scented perfume/aftershave – 34%

Drinking wines “out of order” (e.g. red before white, sweet before dry, etc.) – 32%

Drinking without looking, swirling, or sniffing – 32%

Gulping wine down quickly – 25%

Pairing wine with non-traditional foods – 19%

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