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It’s National Chili Day!

Today is National Chili Day and National Tortilla Chip Day.  Someone asked people to rank the best topping to put on chili, and tortilla chips ranked high on the list . . .



The top five are cheese . . . crackers . . . cornbread . . . sour cream . . . and tortilla chips.  Onions, hot sauce, and avocado also made the top ten.



95% of people say they like or love chili . . . 4% don’t like it . . . and 1% dislike it enough to use the word “hate.”



The poll also looked at the most popular ways to eat chili, and “in a bowl” got the most votes, obviously.  But it’s not the only way we eat it.



12% prefer it “on a hot dog” . . . 9% said “in a bag of Fritos,” also called a “Frito pie” . . . and 8% said chili fries is their favorite way to eat it.



There might be a few in the top ten you’ve never tried though:  “On rice” ranked sixth, followed by on a baked potato . . . on garlic bread . . . on spaghetti . . . mixed together with mac-and-cheese . . . and 2% say the best way to eat chili is on a sloppy joe.


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