Is the ‘5 Second Rule’ Legit?  Science Offers an Answer

Almost half of us think the rule is acceptable; but there are some floors or surfaces which will never be OK.

If you’re not familiar, the idea is that you could eat something off of the floor, if you pick it up before germs or anything else really has time to attach to it…  maybe about five seconds after it falls.

Talkers Research examined a new poll of “2,000 nationally representative Americans.”  It was conducted by OnePoll, on behalf of Ecolab.

They found that 44-percent of Americans would eat the food item, after floor-contact.  And 52-percent would even extend the time period to a “10 Second Rule.”  But that would only be in certain places, which they deem to be a little cleaner than average, or a little more germ-free, like their own homes.  Maybe because any gross stuff at home is stuff we’re already accustomed to?  Whatever the case…

Almost two-thirds (63%) of respondents were OK with their homes.  Restaurants and medical facilities were acceptably clean for 55-percent to say they would observe the Five Second Rule and eat the morsel.

Restrooms and bar surfaces were considered least clean, and few folks would observe the rule in such places.

And 65-percent say they think outdoor environments are safer sites to eat – or for food to drop – than indoor venues.


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